Links for Kids
During the current school closing: parents please to continue allowing your student to work on skills.  If they are doing flash card sight words, please continue doing the flash cards.  Allow your student to read for 20 minutes a day to you.  If your student has access to a computer or an PS4 or an Xbox, allow them to go onto the websites listed on the clever portal of RCPS webpage  Your students know how to get onto the sites because they log onto them during the school day.  If you have any questions, please call the school at 540-853-2751 and a person will be able to help get on to the sites.  I have also listed a couple of websites that are now free to parents, please use the code given.  
I will be calling during this time to check up on your child, see if there is anything else they need, and make sure they feel comfortable with the websites.