Our Class Schedule

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This is just a suggested schedule please complete modules when it works for your family.  

8:00-8:30 Modules- Good Morning Song, Calendar, Mystery Question, Freeze & Message of the Day, Pretend Play Practice and Make-Believe Play Planning

8:30-9:15 Play

9:15 Live session with Ms. Bard

9:30 Modules- Remember & Replicate & Story Lab

10:00 Recess- Check out Go Noodle or Sing and Dance on My Fun Links

10:30 Eat a Healthy Snack

10:45 Modules- Share the News and Graphics Practice

11:00 Module- Yoga or Meditation

11:15 Play Outside

12:00 Eat a Yummy Lunch

12:30 Take a restful nap

1:30-2:15 Read & Play