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Keturah Marsh

Mrs. Marsh 

My email address is [email protected]

Preschool - Tracy Unified School District 

Greetings Parents!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year! I am Mrs. Keturah Marsh (aka "Mrs. K") and I'm delighted ot have your child under my instruction this year!

As you know, school will look
quite differently this year for all of us, including me! I have been teaching the pre-k population for 15 years and this is the 1st year that I have been assigned to teach strictly virtual.

This year, we are using the virtual platform, Canvas.  Each week, lessons related to our curriculum, (Tools of the Mind) will be pre-recorded and uploaded for your child to view.
Each day on Canvas, you will click on the button that corresponds with the day (ex. If today is Monday, click on “MONDAY”) and watch the videos that have been pre-recorded for that day.  The “virtual classroom” can be navigated by you and your child when the day’s lessons have been complete.

There is also
“Meet with Me”  emoji button on the home page. This is where you will click to have your child meet with me for our “synchronous live instruction”. Live instruction for preschool typically lasts about 15 minutes (depending on what the student can tolerate). Just chat with me to set up a convenient time to engage in live instruction with your child.

I look forward to “seeing” my little-ones and having an exceptional year with them! 

Below are some additonal online resources for you and your child to view at your leisure. 

Blessings to you all!
Mrs. Keturah Marsh