Our classroom
In our classroom, we use the Class Dojo which allows students the opportunity to earn points for excellent behavior and for actively participating in class lessons. You can check out your students points at You can also communicate with  me through messaging through class dojo!

We are working in canvas for virtual learning. You must attend a teams meeting or turn in at least one assignment daily to be counted present for the day. We have work in Math, Reading, Science and Social Studies.  Specials and Spanish are also accessed through my canvas page. 

We have an online resource for books in clever through Raz Kids with the robot icon.

ST Math is required for 20 minutes a day for Math. This is also accessed through Clever, with the penguin icon.

Here are our Virtual Classroom Rules:
1.Show up on time.
2. Find a quiet place to work.
3. Be respectful of others while you are on the computer in class.
4. Stay on mute unless it is your turn to speak. 
5. Stay on task. Do not be distracted by toys, pets, tvs, or anything around you.