Our Schedule

2nd Grade Schedule:

*Your school day will start at 7:45 and end at 1:15*


Math- part will be live on teams (Teams meeting 8:00-8:30)

* make sure to complete 20 minutes of ST Math on your own each day outside of our live instruction* this is also part of your math grade (independent work)







Rotate through all the specials each week


Reading Whole Group, Language Arts, Writing (live on Teams)



*expanding our live to a larger amount the 3rd nine weeks so we have more time to get everything needed done*


Reading Groups- follow the schedule below for when your time to meet during this time is


* Spelling is a part of our reading group time (as each group has a different set of spelling words) 


Red Group: Kayla, Jayla- 10:30- 10:45 Monday- Thursday 

Purple Group:
Youquan 10:50-11:10 with Mrs. Andrews Mondays/ me same time Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Blue Group:

*I will meet with this blue group (Jayda, Jaiden, RJ) Monday 10:50-11:10

 *Meet with Mrs, Turner on Teams 10:50-11:10  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday -


Green Group: Aaron, Dayana, Morrisa, Aurianna - 11:10-11:30 Monday-Thursday

Purple Group:
Mrs. Turner live on teams 11:10-11:30 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Blue Group:  teams meeting for reading group Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday with Mrs. Andrews 11:10-11:30


Lunch and Recess Break


*Kayla meeting with Mrs. Turner for reading 12:00-12:15


Science/ Social Studies

( you do on your own on the Science, Social Studies)


*Spanish every other Thursday