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Shannon Bartholomew

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Welcome to RAMS and the 2020-2021 school year!
We are excited to have your child in our VPI/REACH combination preschool class!
This will be an exciting year filled with smiles, laughter, love, learning, fun, and growth!

This will be my 12th year at RAMS and my 13th year teaching in RCPS.
I previously taught a full day self-contained preschool class; this is my second year teaching a combination class.
I absolutely LOVE teaching preschool. I truly believe that it builds a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning!
While school will look different this year (social distancing, wearing masks, and other safety measures), I am looking forward to helping our students to interact, make friends, learn, and have a wonderful school experience. All aboard for this new adventure!

My assistant is Angela Obenchain ... this will be our 10th year working together. She is instrumental in supporting my teaching and is a huge supporter of (and for) your child. We are a fantastic team and are very excited about helping your child to have a great preschool experience!

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All preschool classrooms in RCPS use the Tools of the Mind curriculum. In our classroom, we will also work on goals from Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and follow the Virginia Preschool Foundation Blocks.

Please feel free to contact me. You can send a note in your child's bookbag; we will respond back with a note or call you. We can also be reached by calling the school at 853-2751. You may need to leave a message but I'll call you back when I am not working with our students.
My email address is: [email protected]

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Our class CANVAS page has lots of content for your child. You will find additional information including announcements, our daily classroom schedule, and the supply list as well as asynchronous lessons/videos (modules), links to "lives" (teams meetings/sessions), books, music and movement, additional activities, and websites.