About Our Classroom
In our classroom, we use the Class Dojo which allows students the opportunity to earn points for excellent behavior and for actively participating in class lessons. You can check out your students points at 

We have a colorful classroom library filled with books of all genres. All students have the chance to explore the library daily. Also, we have colorful crates that are used to store books and for students to sit on to enjoy their reading. We have books for EVERYONE:)

This year, we are also learning about the Peace Path. The Peace Path is a strategy we use to calm our emotions when we are upset. It allows us to discuss how we feel and why we are feeling that way. In the end, the student is able to talk through their feelings with the person they are upset with and develop a solution to the problem together. It has worked wonderfully so far. Here are the steps:
1. Take deep breaths and count to ten if needed.
2. Tell how you feel and tell why. "I feel _____ because ________."
3. Think of a solution with your classmate. "I think we could ______, ______, or _______!"
4. Agree on a resolution together and move forward with class!