The Importance of Play

Why is Play Important?

Play is the way in which children communicate, learn, and grow. Play has many benefits to your child’s development. These benefits include:

Emotional benefits

  • enjoyment, fun, love of life
  • relaxation, release of energy, tension reduction
  • self-expression

Developmental benefits:

  • creativity
  • abstract thinking
  • imagination
  • problem-solving
  • social cognition, empathy, perspective-taking
  • mastering new concepts
  • self-confidence
  • self-esteem
  • anxiety reduction
  • cooperation
  • sharing
  • turn-taking
  • conflict resolution
  • leadership skill development
  • gross motor experiences
  • fine motor experiences
  • physical challenges
  • self-help skills
  • attention regulation
  • concentration
  • persistence
  • communication skills
  • vocabulary
  • story telling
  • emergent literacy

Educational benefits:

  • providing a meaningful context for children to learn concepts and skills;
  • making learning fun and enjoyable;
  • encouraging children to explore and discover together and on their own;
  • allowing children to extend what they are learning;
  • encouraging children to experiment and take risks;
  • providing opportunities for collaborative learning with adults and peers;
  • allowing for the practice of skills.


I try to incorporate play throughout the school day as much as possible!! However, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of allowing your child to play at home as well (not always on a video game, smartphone, etc)!!

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