Things to Work on with Your Child

Things to Work On With Your Child 

Language Arts

·        Explore Books!

·        Visit libraries and bookstores and find books that interest your child.

·        Read! Read! Read!

·        Make sure to read for at least 30 minutes a day.

·        Ask questions, make predictions,identify characters, what is the main idea/problem/solution,retell the story.

·        Pick Good Fit Books!

·        Have meaningful conversations using rich vocabulary



·        How many patterns can you find?

·        Ask questions about more than, less than and equal to

·        Use math terms: greater than, less than, most, fewer, equal...

·        Practice counting (coins, buttons, etc…anything with more than one is something they can count)


Does Your Child Know?

How to tie his/her shoes

His/her address

His/her phone number