Roanoke Children’s Theatre
 Students had the opportunity to become a play write when the Roanoke Children’s Theatre came to the RAMS 5th grade students. Students were read a letter from colonial times. The letter was explained and students were encouraged to determine the meaning of content area vocabulary by using context clues and prior knowledge. Students had the chance to practice using their ‘stage’ voices and do a performance ‘warm up’. The students were engaged by the lively enthusiasm of the presenters and stayed on task and raised their hands to answer questions willingly. Students were then given the Cs of writing a play: Characters, Conflict, Creativity, and Context. The presenters reviewed the aspects of writing a good letter: year, opening, salutation. The tone and time period appropriate vocabulary were discussed before students began to compose their letter. After that, students began writing their letters to be entered to the Colonial Times Letter Contest. The winner’s letter will performed by a professional actor in full colonial attire.