Houck/Thomas Preschool Trip to Vinton Kroge
Posted on 01/02/2020
 Roanoke City uses the Tools of the Mind curriculum in all its preschool classes and this month’s theme was Grocery store. Our classrooms were transformed into a grocery store with a bakery, deli, checkout, floral department, loading docks, etc. Students were excited to see each of these areas and more in a real grocery store. Each student received a name tag and became an honorary Kroger assistant. Students got to check out and bag groceries, explore the produce section, ask questions to the pharmacist, write their names on the Starbuck's board and enjoy a hot chocolate treat, go behind the scenes in the bakery with their very own hair nets and enjoy a sugar cookie treat, explore the dairy, meat and frozen food section, go behind the scenes in the freezer and refrigerator (Oh so cold, just like outside), and learn all about each job and its responsibilities. Many thanks to all the employees for making us feel welcome and providing a wonderful experience for our students.