There will most likely be delays this afternoon (8/22) on the following bus routes: Bus 43 (Crystal Spring/Addison), Bus 72 (Round Hill/Madison), Bus 88 (Monterey/Fleming), Bus 53 (Round Hill/Fleming), Bus 142 (Roanoke Academy/Wilson), Bus 76 (Roanoke Academy/Fleming), Bus 61 (Westside/Patrick Henry), Bus 73 (Fallon Park/Fishwick), Bus 94 (Fairview/Fleming), Bus 124 (Fairview/Fleming), Bus 125 (Fallon Park/Fishwick), Bus 42 (Virginia Heights/Patrick Henry)
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2019-2020 Roanoke Academy
School Supply List

First day of school:
Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Labor Day Holiday
September 2019
9/2- Holiday (no school)

October 2019
10/18- Two hour early dismissal (students only)

10/21- Professional Development Day (no school for students)

November 2019
11/5- Parent/Teacher Conference Day (no school for students)

11/27- Non-Student/Non-Teacher Day

11/28- Holiday (no school)

11/29- Holiday (no school) 


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About Us
Welcome to Roanoke Academy for Mathematics and Science (RAMS)!  We are a village of home/school/community where we believe that all children can learn. 

We have great teachers who maintain safe, friendly, and innovative classroom atmospheres where students are prepared to compete in a technology enhanced world.  Although our school name reflects math and science, our two biggest emphasis are math and reading because we believe that when these two subjects are mastered, the doors of opportunity in all other content areas are open and endless!


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Mrs. Toni Belton

Mr. Wm. Grafton Young
Assistant Principal

Mrs. Heather Spangler

Mrs. Nancy Reid
Clerical Assistant

Ms. Susan Waldron
Guidance Counselor